Ragnarok Online 2: Gate of the World – Intro Theme Lyrics

Ok, so this is off the beaten track, but I’m a longtime fan of Yoko Kanno’s work, and even before that, the Gravity Game Ragnarok Online 2: Gate of the World.

That being said, these two align, in the existence of the original soundtrack to this game. The notorious opening track, simply titled “Intro Theme” is by far the most popular track, as it plays in the opening login screen of the game.

It turns out that thanks to VGMdb‘s page on the DVD Soundtrack Release, we get some nice scans from the package (if you register/log in):

This spread of pages 5 and 6 specifically detail the lyrics to this song, one I’m not sure is transcribed anywhere else.

Three Languages here, one which is similar to the “fake French” Yoko Kanno has used in Macross Plus’s Soundtrack, namely “Idol Talk” which is credited to Sharon Apple. This track is also vocally credited to Gabriela Robin, which is actually a pen name for Kanno herself, one that she took to reveal. But I digress.

The first language I’ve decided to call “Norman” in reference to Norman race from the game.

Normans are the “human” race of the game, and were the only playable one at the time of the Alpha and Beta releses. Ellir were NPCs and were planned as playable, and Dimingos had art, but no NPCs within the game.

Anyway, the team for PPGZ includes Erundil – who helpfully transcribed the Kanji from the scan, along with a buddy of his.

Intro Theme Lyrics


Nei bla nie je
Nei zai pan ma nie
Na pa gi ti ka to nami
Les ta le lyo
Pis ta ni kul pra ze ilu dumina

Stutr ka shutr ka
Nash ti ka piensa
Poz ni no il brah la ti raru
I ban ma nie
I vush ka na nia ju da ya

Leska nozna mie
Ka na mi
Leska nozna mie
Ke do zhe


Piennali piennali
Poshtoke poshtoke

Japanese (Kanji)

まだ来ぬ まだ見ぬ




Japanese (Romaji)

Mada kinu mada minu
Te ni shita to omou to choukedo
ubi no tsume hodo no ooki
Sa watage, hana
Ashita ni wa soko ni atta kehai mo nai

Maruku maruku
Shiawasena se kai
Doushitetara koko ni todome rareru no
Kokodenai touku de
Kino tashikani uta o kiita ki ga surunoni

Chisana mado kara mite iru
Chisana mado kara yonde iru

Haruka mukashi ragunaroku

Korean (Hangul)

아직 오지 않는 아직 보이지 않닌
손에 넣었다고 생각하다가 놓치는
새끼손톱만큼의 크기
솜털, 꽃
내일이 되면 그곳에 있던 기헉도 없다

둥글고 둥근
ㅎ앵복한 세계
어떻게 하면 이곳에 남길 수 있는지
이곳이 아닌 먼 곳에서
어제 확실히 노래를 들었던 것 같은데

작은 항문에서 보고 있는
작은 항문에서 부르고 있는

오래 옛날의 라그나로크

Korean (Romanized)

Ajig oji anhneun ajig boiji anhnin
Son-e neoh-eossdago saeng-gaghadaga nohchineun
Saekkisontobmankeum-ui keugi
Somteol, kkoch
Naeil-i doemyeon geugos-e issdeon giheogdo eobsda

Dung-geulgo dung-geun
Haengboghan segye
Eotteohge hamyeon igos-e namgil su issneunji
Igos-i anin meon gos-eseo
Eoje hwagsilhi nolaeleul deul-eossdeon geos gat-eunde

Jag-eun hangmun-eseo bogo issneun
Jag-eun hangmun-eseo buleugo issneun

Olae yesnal-ui lageunalokeu

The translations are still a bit WIP. I’ll update if and when that happens!


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