De-Bork’d Ragnarok Online 2: Gate of the World OST-Reupload Plus News.


I may have oops’d

In the RO2: GotW OST post, I knew that track 19 – [Red Wolf] was still being stubborn, and foobar2000′s quick convert was still dumping it out at 160kbps, which was infuriating. So I pop it into Audacity and got to export and it gives me a little popup “this file is 22050 hertz, which is unsuitable for 320kbps”

And OOF yeah, finally I figured it out.


New batch which will be going up on the exact same page will just have a replaced MEGA Link. So no worries. The scans will stay-as is, however.

Extra News

Lyrics Translation

I’ve been in attempt of hand-translating, with my VERY self-learned meager skills, the Intro Theme Lyrics and I… Keep getting headaches.

It Yoko Kanno. She is very into “deep meaning” and this is above my “free” pay-grade.

If anyone wants to throw me a bone, leave a comment and I’ll hit you back.


New Links are Live!

Main File (with Scans Included): [MEGA]
Scans Only File: [MEGA]

I changed my mind and re-uploaded the scans, mainly because when I ran them through XnEdit the results had [*-results] appended to them and that felt dumb.

Both RAR files now have [Credits.txt] files in them so yay.


From the Gutter to the Streets, Headed to the Stars

Hey guys! It’s been forever. Almost 2 years. Why did this site go on such a hiatus? Well, that’s a long story.

In short, and the best way to put it, is “Life punched me in the face.”

Longer, but still in a nutshell, I had to put my own foot out there and get out of an abusive household, and unfortunately hop into another. But I’ve gotten better.

No I’m not abandoning this site. I intend on keeping it, and eventually improving it. I have so little viewers, it doesn’t matter anyway 😛

I’m keeping up with life ♥ love you guys!

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc Confirmed!

Today on the Official Japanese Sailor Moon Site, there was an announcement that the third act of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon – the Infinity arc, would be produced into a second season of Sailor Moon Crystal!

Roughly Translated by Google, and re-sewn by proper grammar, Have the somewhat-more comprehensible announcement article of the third arc of Sailor Moon Crystal!

The Anime “Sailor Moon Crystal – Phase 3 Death Busters Edition” production decision! Finally 10 Sailor Soldiers gathered!!


Today TOKYO MX, the animation studio, who recently celebrated its final episode “Sailor Moon Crystal”, decided to go ahead with production of the long-awaited third phase of Sailor Moon, “Death Busters Edition”!

The Anime’s latest series is intended to visualize the original comics full third phase of the fifth volume, Act. 6 – Death Busters by Naoko Takeuchi. Fight Sailor Soldiers, a mysterious organization, Death Busters, has been formed!

In addition to the familiar main characters, such as Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Saturn, the outer rim Sailor Soldiers, will finally muster as the 10 soldiers!

Furthermore, in the “Sailor Moon 20th anniversary project” there is also a new project!

With “Sailor Moon Crystal” Phase 3 – Death Busters, follow-up on the new project will be at this homepage. Please look forward to it!

In addition, “Sailor Moon Crystal” first phase “Dark Kingdom Edition”, will be re-broadcast at TOKYO MX on October 5 (Monday) 10:00PM!
Even those who the were already watching Crystal, watch for the unseen, do not miss this opportunity!

I’m no Translator, but I am a writer. So Maybe this is more readable. I’ll await an official translation later, but for now, this’ll do 😀