PPGZ OST Grab and General AAAAAA

Was genuinely looking around in curious earnest and happened upon the Powerpuff Girls OST disc in FLAC as well as MP3 and I’m hype.

Can’t find the Cover in higher than 500px and super grody. Fun times.

Going to recode the files when I’m on a PC, so that will be later.

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From the Gutter to the Streets, Headed to the Stars

Hey guys! It’s been forever. Almost 2 years. Why did this site go on such a hiatus? Well, that’s a long story.

In short, and the best way to put it, is “Life punched me in the face.”

Longer, but still in a nutshell, I had to put my own foot out there and get out of an abusive household, and unfortunately hop into another. But I’ve gotten better.

No I’m not abandoning this site. I intend on keeping it, and eventually improving it. I have so little viewers, it doesn’t matter anyway 😛

I’m keeping up with life ♥ love you guys!