BEEP BOOP! ~Powerpuff Girls Z~

New project loading up. Check my personal twitter and PhantomSilverCrystal’s Twitter for the oncoming deets.

Tl;dr : TV-NihonSubs has givin us the go-ahead for Re-Encoding and Restyling their subs for Powerpuff Girls Z.

That series is from flipping 2006. I was not expecting the files to still be around.


So yeah. Uber Hyped. Trying to gather who is in and who is out. Myself and one other are for sure.

Also TV-NihonSubs said joint is fine, and we can use their tracker.

We (myself and one other atm) need to concentrate on the video encodes, as someone was badass enough to throw us an ISO rip torrent of the DVDs. Very cool.

The subs are also old school .ssa files so those need to be updated to be usable with Aegisub. We have our work cut out for us!

I’m going to want to see if we can secure the OST too. We shall see.

Wish us luck! AHHHHHH.


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