Poses and Mandalas! Chara-pos Collection Sailor Moon Crystal Posters!

Hey guys! Thanks for waiting so long! I’ve had a hectic life, and I’m about to start my first full time job, So updates might be up in the air! I still have stuff for you today though!

Chara-pos Collection Sailor Moon Crystal Posters!

Purchased while the Anime was in it’s first arc, my lovely deputy got me a fell box, and a full set of these posters!

These have been scanned by hand and cleaned in Photoshoop. Enjoy!

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Welcome everybody!

Hey everyone :3 This Is Anna here! I wanted to finally say welcome to everyone!

I know it’s been pretty plain over the last month, and I apologize about the simple layout. Right now real life is punching me in the face with this thing called “You’re an adult.” I don’t like it, of course. But I gotta be responsible.

I’ve just bought Image hosting! So a new update should be here shortly!