First Post Getto-Daze! Sailor Moon World!

Hey Guys, My hosting was being skeevy! Sorry the Update was delayed!

Now on to it!

Sailor Moon World Posters!

I scanned these a while ago for Miss Dream, but seeing as I scanned them, I can post them here :3

So here we go!

20th Century Girl Poster

20st Century Girl Poster With Sailor Moon

Though the source magazine was never found, I bought the poster on eBay around 03-04, and I never found out the source till I posted at Miss Dream!

High Resolution: [Download]

Sailor Moon World 2002 Calendar

One of my lucky gets in ’04. Particularly lucky! Now if I only had the ’03 calendar ;3;

2002 Sailor Moon World Calendar cover with 9 senshi profiles
2002 Sailor Moon World Calendar page 1 January and February with Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon
2002 Sailor Moon World Calendar page 2 March and April with Mercury and Mars
2002 Sailor Moon World Calendar page 3 May and June with Jupiter and Venus
2002 Sailor Moon World Calendar page 4 July August with Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus
2002 Sailor Moon World Calendar page 5 September and October with Super Sailor Moon, Misstress 9, and Sailor Saturn
2002 Sailor Moon World Calendar page 6 November and December with 9 senshi standing in a group

High Resolution Batch: [Download]

You may notice these pictures are a bit clearer and vibrant than MD. I plopped these puppies into Photoshoop and threw a few clean up adjustments on em.

I actually need to thank Luna Mirage of Sailor Moon Meetup! She took my poor, ripped from the walls, crinkled, and folded posters into BEAUTIFUL nice clean pictures ♥ Thank you SO MUCH Luna!

Thanks so much guys! Our update schedule will be random, as our materials are super low! We’ll keep you posed as there is a little in the pipeline ♥

Good luck Crystal Senshi, See you later ♥